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Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome to my site. This site is dedicated to Bishonens, Bishoujo, Yaoi, and Yuri. My name is Recca, and I am the Elvin Preistess of *Amboy from the Miyahshin Village. I have one little sister who goes by the name Emica. She is a Preistess in training. But enough about me and my family! Let the show begin!!!^^
~~~Recca Calvein~~~
I'll tell you this once and only once. This is a YAOI And YURI webpage, so if you don't like seeing male/male and female/female then I suggest that you go somewhere else.

If you'e interested in being in an Inu-yasha play then go to
or Email Mika Makato Mycin at
Thank you.
~~~Recca Calvein~~~

You can't help
yourself; little things set you off, and those little bottles of ulcer
pills in your drawer aren't just there for show. You're a loyal
employee, you're a stickler for rules, but you're wound so tight you
don't even know which way is up anymore. Relax and take your shoes off
for a bit; it's good to be naughty once in awhile.

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